Shannyn is extremely easy to work with and one of those co-workers you walk away feeling grateful to work alongside. Armed with social and community engagement knowledge, Shannyn works quickly and effectively at building a positive online presence and could do so for any brand. She is, and will continue to be, a vital asset to any company’s success.
— Erica Esper Social Lead at Microsoft, Former Lead Social Media Manager at Walgreens
I was lucky enough to find Shannyn as I embarked on book promotions and marketing as a first-time author with a traditional non-social media based audience. While I had built a platform in my industry, I had virtually no web presence and zero savvy in social media. Shannyn jumped right in to help me get my website up, establish a presence on the major social media platforms, and coach me to really understand how to engage a virtual audience. She worked with me to strategize about what we could do to meet my goals for the initial launch and ongoing marketing campaigns.

In addition, she was there as my right-hand woman, incredibly responsive to any little task or job that I needed help with. I felt fully supported, and my anxiety levels were kept in check through her reassuring notes and attention to details.

I juggled a full time job while launching the book, and I was able to do it only because I had Shannyn there with me every step of the way. I am a true fan of Cake Mix Media, and I’ll be a long-time customer.
— Julie Clow Author of The Work Revolution
Shannyn has become our greatest asset in an effort to turn our social marketing from an afterthought into an active tool and integral part of our marketing strategy. She has not only helped increase our followers and their engagement with us on social networks, but she has helped increase organic search engine rankings as well as increase traffic directly to our site.

Her creative and engaging ideas are always successful and she shows the insight that makes someone perfect for this marketing vertical. She can think like her audience and has steadfast follow through. On top of all that, Shannyn is a wonderful person with a great sense of humor and is a pleasure to work with, which makes it all the more difficult on us having to share her with her other clients.
— Scott Fitterman Co-Owner of